Sweet Tooth

This summer I took a course called “Advanced Pastries I” which covered all sorts of desserts from low-fat European cakes (not that they’re really really low in fat, just that the cake component does not rely on fats) to bavarians, charlottes, truffles, molded candies, and various confectionary involving caramel and/or marshmallow.sports74.ru

The products we turned out are generally fairly high-class classic desserts, and a lot of them took quite a bit of work to do, and we generally started from scratch during daily production. The only shortcuts we used were using pre-made tartlet shells and truffle molds.sports74.ru

I’ve uploaded some pictures of the stuff we made in class here and <a href="http://www official source.flickr.com/photos/galexm/sets/72157601079740120/”>here. I’ve probably mislabeled some of the pictures in the first link, since those were done hurriedly before the course midterms. A small sample of the total: